RIVERSIDE PARK (812 Laberee St., Watertown, WI)
RIVERSIDE PARK (812 Laberee St., Watertown, WI)

Riverfest Tournaments and 5K

Riverfest features several healthy life events every year run by our partners in the City of Watertown, Watertown clubs and the Glacial Community (Watertown) YMCA.  The 2023 tournaments and races are listed below. 

Watertown YMCA Riverfest Run

The Watertown YMCA Run is a 5K and Kid's Fun Run that occurs on Saturday morning at 8am, and is the longest continuously run 5K in the area.  The route begins and ends at Riverside Park, and leads into the Riverfest Craft Fair on Rotary Island.  All proceeds from the Riverfest Run benefit the Watertown Area YMCA’s Annual Campaign.

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Riverfest Tennis Tournament

The Riverfest Tennis Tournament is held on Sunday morning at 9am at the Riverside Park tennis courts by the Watertown Tennis Association.  

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Riverfest Bags Tournament

 The Riverfest Bags Tournament starts at 10am Saturday to the immediate west of the ball diamonds at Riverside Park.  Beverage service will be provided at this location.  

Contact Dave McDonald at 920-253-7730 for more information.  

Riverfest Horseshoe Tournament

The Riverfest Horseshoe Tournament starts at 1pm on Saturday to the immediate west of the ball diamonds at Riverside Park.  Beverage service will be provided at this location.

Contact Kerry Morris at 920-248-9726 for more information.

At Your Own Risk

All participants in Riverfest Tournaments and 5K participate at their own risk: you must agree to waive the liability of Watertown Riverfest Inc. and the City of Watertown before participating in these events.  


Limited first aid is available onsite at the first aid tent provided by Watertown Regional Medical Center.


Our 36th year features a HUGE $10K grand prize and total prizes of $20K!


to see where you can


Tickets are $5 each or $20 for 5. Cash only.  Just write your name and contact info on your ticket and we will find you!



1 PRIZE AT $5,000

1 PRIZE AT $2,500
1 PRIZE AT $1,000
1 PRIZE AT $500
10 PRIZES AT $100


The prize winners will be drawn and announced after the final concert on Sunday, August 13th at 5pm.


Support Riverfest and the local community by purchasing raffle tickets from local businesses and the many volunteers working on the sale effort!

Riverfest Car Show

Car Show Sunday, August 13 from 9am-3pm.


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Riverside Park

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