Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In general, please check specific sections on this site for questions about the raffle, schedule, bands, craft fair, etc.   


Q: Where do I park for the festival?  

A: If you are new to the festival, please keep in mind that it's BIG and POPULAR and you will generally either need to park 1/2 mile away or more OR use one of our free park-and-ride options from six large lots in town.  See "Park & Ride" on this site for more information.  


Q: Can I bring in my own booze? 
A: Sorry, no.  see "Policies" below.  


Q: There are some big bands coming in - is it really free?  All night?  

A: Yes, we work hard to bring you top-notch entertainment for the admission price of FREE.  All shows are free to watch all night long.  However, we do ask that you buy drinks, food, shirts, and raffle tickets, and attend the (non-free) onsite carnival to help support Riverfest and its entertainment.   


Q: I noticed that the sponsors and exhibitors are really happy with the crowds.  How do I get my business in on that? 

A: Contact with your ideas and questions.  We will work with you to get your name in front of our thousands of guests or help you craft an interactive experience that adds to the festival.  


Q: My dog is such a good boy.  Can he come too?  

A: Sorry, we do not allow pets on the grounds during the festival.  There are many stimulants - food, lights, fireworks, kids running all over the place - so please leave your furry friends at home.    


There are no "carry-ins" or "take homes" allowed at Riverfest.  You cannot bring any alcoholic beverages onto the the property, and you may not leave with any alcoholic beverages.  Please dispose of these before you enter and exit the park.  Barrels are provided: do not drop these on the park lawn or our neighbors' lawns. 


A non-removable alcohol purchase and consumption wristband is required for anyone who wishes to drink or purchase alcohol at Riverfest, or to enter any marked "Beer Tent" or the "Brewhaus".  These wristbands are issued from marked "Wristband" service points where a licensed bartender or security officer will check for valid "of age" ID.  Wristbands will be applied by Riverfest personnel: "take aways" are not allowed.  


Use of professional video or camera equipment and any use of audio equipment (microphones, mixers, amplifiers, etc.) is prohibited unless previously allowed in writing by Watertown Riverfest's entertainment executive.  


Our 36th year features a HUGE $10K grand prize and total prizes of $20K!


to see where you can


Tickets are $5 each or $20 for 5. Cash only.  Just write your name and contact info on your ticket and we will find you!



1 PRIZE AT $5,000

1 PRIZE AT $2,500
1 PRIZE AT $1,000
1 PRIZE AT $500
10 PRIZES AT $100


The prize winners will be drawn and announced after the final concert on Sunday, August 13th at 5pm.


Support Riverfest and the local community by purchasing raffle tickets from local businesses and the many volunteers working on the sale effort!

Riverfest Car Show

Car Show Sunday, August 13 from 9am-3pm.


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